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Virtual Apothecary2Tru Foods Nutrition now offers high quality supplements that you cannot get in your local health store.  Here you can find brands like Pure Encapsulation, Designs for Health, Thorne and many more at discounted prices.

My online apothecary is currently only for clients of Tru Foods.  



   Changes for 2018!

If you have just landed on this page, then browse and keep reading if you have depression or if your teen has depression. 

As of mid 2018 I will only be accepting new clients that have depression and who do not feel better using Western medical approaches or those who want to avoid medications and are ready to seek an alternative path to get to the root cause of your depression.  

This does not mean you cannot have other health issues such as skin conditions, digestive complaints, autoimmune disease, anxiety or ADHD  and so forth.  In fact these all typically play a role in your depression and do need to be addressed. 

But I will no longer be taking new clients that do not have depression as their main complaint as of July 1, 2018. 

At Tru Foods Nutrition, my goal is to be your partner, every step of the way.  I will support, educate, and motivate you by providing you the tools needed to be successful and to finally feel better and climb out of the fog of depression. 

Contact me at 303-522-0381 to schedule an appointment or email me at trufoodsnutrition@yahoo.comI see in person and distant clients.  




– Karen Brennan


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Detox Workshop

Detox Workshop Detox Workshop Coming Soon! For those in the Colorado Front Range Area WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND THIS DETOX WORKSHOP: There are so many programs and products out there, that it gets confusing to know what it right and what is not. I’m sure you have invested a lot of time and money in […]

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10 Ways to Successfully Reduce Your Toxic Load in 2018 It is the beginning of another new year with new goals (or maybe the same ones again).  This year make your “detox” goals a success by following these step by step guidelines with product suggestions included. We are exposed to toxins daily from the water, […]


I asked Karen for help with my digestive issues. Not only did these issues get resolved but I also had more energy in the gym. We broke everything down into small, simple steps that were doable and achievable. She helped me to see how focusing on one thing at a time was better for me rather than switching everything up at once.

RichBroomfield, CO

I knew my diet wasn’t good but Karen helped me to see how my diet was affecting my health. I noticed changes right away as soon as I started to do what she suggested. Right away I had more energy and wasn’t falling asleep in classes at school. I was able to focus and concentrate in school and was able to get my homework done. Overall, my new ways of eating just make me feel healthier!

BenCastle Rock, CO

Prior to using Karen’s services I was having trouble sleeping most nights. I attributed it to my age, however it was getting so bad that I was barely getting through my day. Karen pinpointed some things that could be contributing to my insomnia and also explained everything to me. I have made some changes that she recommended and am going about it slowly. Within the first couple of weeks I have only had 2 nights that I had difficulty sleeping. I am going to continue to follow her advice.

AnnNew Jersey

Karen listened to what was going on in my life and was able to pick up on several areas in my life that could be contributing to my immediate health concerns. We were able to address and resolve them right away. Doing so has motivated me to take charge of my health and I plan on continuing to use Karen’s services to reach my health goals. She listened to me, was understanding and supportive and explained all her suggestions to me so that I understood why I was making these changes.

SusanNew York City, NY

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