Tru Foods Granola

Raw, Paleo, Gluten, Soy, Egg, Peanut and Dairy Free

We’ve got your food allergy covered!


11 oz. bags $8.50 (plus tax)

Contact Karen at 303-522-0381/ for orders, pick up or delivery.  I deliver!

Cash/checks accepted.  CC for large orders only.

Note: I am currently only taking orders of 6 or more bags.  I am taking holiday orders now!

Custom orders:  $2 extra per bag/ 3 bag minimum (ie: almonds instead of walnuts, no dried fruit, cranberries instead of raisins, etc…)


Text/call: 303-522-0381



“OMG…this stuff is amazing!”

“I am not going to share this!”

“This is addictive”

“This is really good….Can I have 2 more bags?”

“I’m surprised I like this….usually I don’t like all your “health” food.  I shared it at work and everyone there liked it too” (yes, that last one was from my son.)


About Tru Foods Nutrition Granola

granola in hand

There are so many different granola brands on the market. Why is yours any better and why should I purchase yours?

I created my own granola after looking at all the brands in the stores, even in the health stores, and not being able to find one that met my criteria.  The majority of these other brands are loaded with processed sugar and often in more than one form.  I have not been able to find one that is raw and also Paleo friendly (meaning it does not contain oats.) As a result my granola meets the needs of the raw community, the Paleo community and those who are gluten, soy and dairy free. 

Why do you purchase your nuts and seeds at Natural Grocers only?

I purchase the nuts and seeds in the refrigerator section of Natural Grocers. Storing them in the refrigerator extends their shelf life.  Due to their high oil content, these fats can break down rather quickly.  This is important because if nuts and seeds sit out too long the oils in them can go rancid. While turnover in large bins may be quick, I still don’t know how long those nuts and seeds have been sitting out exposed to the heat. 

Why is it important to soak nuts and seeds?

Nuts contain anti-nutrients which are there so that they do not sprout too early.  It is a natural mechanism so that they may survive until proper growing conditions are present.  However, when we consume nuts and seeds that have not been soaked and dehydrated, it makes them difficult for us to digest and difficult for us to absorb the beneficial nutrients that they contain.  By soaking our nuts and seeds we are removing phytic acid, tannins, neutralizing enzyme inhibitors, encouraging the production of beneficial enzymes, and increasing the amount of vitamins that are available, thus making them easier to digest.  So ask yourself, are the nuts and seeds in the products you eat soaked?

Why is it better to dehydrate nuts and seeds at a low temperature?

Dehydrating foods below 115 degrees allows the food to retain its nutrients and digestive enzymes.  I dehydrate my nuts and seeds at 113 degrees.  When baking granola (and other foods) in the oven at high temperatures, they lose some of these nutrients and the digestive enzymes are destroyed.

Why do you use honey instead of other forms of sugar?

While honey is still a sugar, it does have some benefits over other forms such as white sugar, brown sugar or agave syrup.  Raw honey (heated above 115 degrees will destroy these beneficial properties) contains antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.  You can’t say that about white processed sugar.  Agave syrup raises blood sugar more rapidly than people once thought and so does brown rice syrup. Brown Rice syrup also contains arsenic.  As a result, there are numerous reasons for choosing honey as the sweetener of choice in this granola.

Why does it matter that this is a raw product?

When we cook our food we lose 30% of the nutrients and 100% of the enzymes in the food.  Having a balance of raw foods in your diet (mixed in with cooked foods) can help to support the body with nutrient dense food that is not destroyed by high cooking temperatures. 

Tru Foods Granola 11oz. $8.50 per bag

All nuts and seeds have been soaked and dehydrated.

Ingredients: raw cashews, raw walnuts, raw pumpkin seeds, organic shredded coconut, organic raisins, raw honey, extra virgin organic  coconut oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon, Celtic sea salt,

Serving size: 1/3 cup
Calories: 254
Protein: 6 g.
Fat: 19 g.
Carbs: 17 g.
Sugar: 9 g.